Monday, January 2, 2017

It's a Brand New Year

I'm not one to make resolutions.  They're hard to keep and it's disappointing to let yourself down, but this year I want to make some changes.

I want to write more, and I say that every year, but maybe I'll do it this time around.  I don't necessarily mean to blog more, but I want to keep my journal at least somewhat up to date.  I'm trying to do the bullet journal, but it's really more "bullet-ish" because there are a lot of features of an actual b.journal that don't really work for me, others that do, and I have some ideas of my own that I've been incorporating.

I want to learn to listen more.  Not just be a sounding board for the people in my life but someone who is present and pays attention.  This might mean that I need to learn to unplug myself from my smart devices and take a break from all the distractions.  I'm someone who always has to be doing something with her hands, whether its checking my apps, or doodling, or picking at my clothing, and I'd like to stop the fidgeting and start being more focused.  Also I'd like to be more informed about the world around me.  When I watch the news or read articles online I want to really absorb them so that when they are brought up in normal conversations I can feel like I have an educated opinion and not just be talking out of my ass.

I want to get back to the person who used to read all the time.  I don't need to catch up on the same Big Bang Theory I've watched 16 times in the past year.  If it's something I've already seen, instead of becoming one with the couch and TV, I want to pick up a book and lose myself in a new world.

I want to motivate myself into learning how to cook meals that are more than just fatty comfort foods. I'd like to learn how to cook things that are more healthy (but taste good, and don't take all night to prepare) so that I don't feel guilty when I stuff my face at the end of a long day.  I started a subscription to Talley Farms harvest boxes today, so hopefully this will get me going in the right direction.

I want to get back to my photography hobby.  I want more than just an iPhone camera in my hands, and I need to get myself out in nature more and get some photos to hang on my walls, and make our house more of a home.  I have all these visions of what I want, but I need to make them happen.

I want to exercise more, but its so freaking hard to get started. I have all the tools I need at home, and yet.... I make 10000000000 excuses as to why my butt is not on the elliptical, why the weights are not in my hands, and why the yoga mat has never been unrolled.  I need to cut the BS with myself and do it.

If you have any good book recommendations, recipes, want to go on a weeknight photo adventure (which might have to wait until it starts staying light in the evenings), want to go for a walk with me and my awesome dog, or just offer up some of your own resolutions/ideas/goals... hit me up in the comments section, or however you'd normally contact me.

Happy New Year!