Thursday, August 20, 2015

Zack, The Man From The Shack

As I was driving to work this morning, a little story popped into my head, it's a little Seuss-y, a little Silverstein-ish, and a lot of whimsy Lauren.


Zack, Zack, the man from the shack
Gathered all his things and put them in his pack
Said he was going to the moon and never coming back

He travelled down in the valleys
Wandered down back roads and slunk through many alleys

His dream was never far from his sight
It was always nestled among the stars at night

He crossed to distant lands
Met many different people and shook a thousand hands

One day he ran into a wise old monkey
Who asked "if you could be anywhere, where would you be?"
To that he replied "I'd be on the moon, you silly baboon!"

The monkey was worried, "Don't you know up there the air is too thin?
What will you do without oxygen?"
Zack told the monkey "I will hold my breath, as long as it takes
Keep my mouth closed so no air escapes"
The monkey was upset, "that's no way to live, no food, no drink
Please think this plan through, think think!"

But Zack could not be persuaded
Through deserts he walked, and oceans he waded
Mountains were climbed until his clothes were old and faded

Days turned to months, and months stretched to years
But he never gave up even faced with his biggest fears
Would he ever find the way?
Would be be able to get there and stay?

One evening he looked to the sky
With tears flowing down his face he screamed "WHY??"
"Why can't I find you? Why are you so far?"
The Moon smiled down and said "Oh there you are
Don't you know? The only way to get here is by flying car!"
So the Moon sent down her Moon-mobile, it was sparkly blue
Zack climbed in and off into the atmosphere he flew
After all his hard work, his wish came true
But as the earth grew smaller, he wasn't sure what he should do

What if the money was right?
What if the air grew thin and his throat grew tight?
How can a man live on the moon?
Was he really as crazy as they said? Loony as a loon?
The more he thought, the more he fret
Until his shirt was soaked through with sweat

The moon noticed his distress
"Friend there is no need to feel such duress,
Look in the glove box, you'll see a crank
Spin it hard and out will come an oxygen tank!"
He spun and spun, until the crank and sprung
And to his surprise out popped an iron lung.

He found the mouth piece and took a deep breath
"Oh Moon, you just saved me from the brink of death!"

The tank turned out to be endless
and Zack was never found breathless

Zack, Zack, man from the shack
Moved to the moon and never came back.