Thursday, January 29, 2015

Garth Brooks: Man Against Machine: Album Review

Artist: Garth Brooks
Album: Man Against Machine
Point of Purchase: Christmas gift, but it is available for digital download on

Thoughts: I was a little apprehensive about this album.  I mean on one hand, it's Garth, and he's never really disappointed me, even when he did his Chris Gaines thing, but the first time I head the song "People Loving People" it really annoyed me for some reason.  The more I heard it, the more I liked it, and that perplexed me. Anyway I added the cd to my Amazon wishlist and figured that I'd eventually purchase it, and one of my uncles ended up buying it for me for Christmas.  I opened it up a couple of days later and popped it in the player and listened to it 5 times in a row. It's that good. It really is best to listen to it in order even though there isn't really a continuous story going on, the songs just flow better (this is coming from someone who almost exclusively listens to music on shuffle).  If you're a parent, thinking of becoming one, or have friends with kids there are some songs that will sing right to your heart (Mom and Send 'Em On Down The Road) but in all honestly there is a song for everyone on this album. It might end up being one of my favorites.

Track Listing: Favorite Lyrics

  1. Man Against Machine "This is where I make my stand because I can't stand it anymore"
  2. She's Tired of Boys "She said I’m tired of boys/I’m tired of first dates/And I’m tired of toys/I want a lover who will understand/Someone who will touch me with a knowing hand"
  3. Cold Like That "I could be the train for a change/You could be the one tied to the track"
  4. All-American Kid “And the whole town cheered/And his mama cried/Another hometown boy/Made it home alive/Got his picture in the paper and the headline read ‘Welcome Back All-American Kid’/Yeah, this song is for those who never did/Come back all-American kids”
  5. Mom “So, hush now little baby, don’t you cry/Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life/Is making sure you’re always gonna be alright/A loving angel tender, tough, and strong/Come on child, it’s time to meet your mom”
  6. Wrong About You “You were right about so many things/That I’m starting to think I was wrong about you”
  7. Rodeo and Juliet “To thine own self be true is all she knows”
  8. Midnight Train “It’s like I’m chained to a midnight train passing through”
  9. Cowboys Forever “We've always been, it’s what we’ll always be/We’re cowboys forever”
  10. People Loving People "Talk is cheap, but lies are free"
  11. Send 'Em On Down the Road "You can help them find their wings, but you can't fly for 'em"
  12. Fish “So I asked myself a question/That I knew the answer to/Is success a second mortgage/On a big house with a pool/Or is it a chair/The salt in the air/Wetting the line”
  13. You Wreck Me “Tell me what I got to do/To paint me in/Your perfect picture”
  14. Tacoma "I'm burning your memory/One mile at a time"