Monday, November 3, 2014

Bucket List

I keep seeing things about people's bucket lists and thought I'd try my hand at my own list... While I don't have a terminal disease like the viral lists that have been popping up in my news feed, I figure it's always good to have goals, and to not be afraid to dream a little bigger (darling).

  • Travel More
    • Europe
      • Visit the Louvre
      • Go to Greece
      • Ride in a gondola in Italy
      • See the Tower of London
      • The Coliseum in Rome
      • The beaches in the South of France
      • Drink wine in a Cafe in France
      • Visit the island my grandmother was born in in the Azores
      • Visit Ireland
      • Stonehenge
    • Australia
      • Sydney Opera House
      • The Great Barrier Reef
      • The Outback
      • High Five a Kangaroo
    • Spend significant time staying in New Orleans
    • Go back to the Big Island of Hawaii
    • Go to NYC 
      • see a play ON BROADWAY
      • Central Park
      • Statue of Liberty
      • Radio City Music Hall
    • Middle America
      • meet some awesome internet friends I've made over the years, I'd love to see you in person at least once or twice in my lifetime.
    • Pacific Northwest
      • Seattle
      • Portland
    • Chicago... and taste test the difference between Chicago Pizza and New York Pizza and declare a winner once and for all.
  • Write a novel (or maybe finish one of the many I've started)
  • See Green Day in concert
  • Take a digital photography class and really learn how to use my camera to it's abilities and become a better hobbyist photographer.
  • Find a career that grows me, instead of just having a job to pay the bills
  • See the big waves at Mavericks
  • Find new favorite places
  • Sing Karaoke with Taylor Swift
    • just seeing if you're paying attention
  • Go to a Spurs basketball game, a Cowboys football game
  • Learn how to decorate cakes/cupcakes beyond my current skill levels
  • Have a house with a library/art studio in it
  • pay off credit card debt, so that my family isn't stuck with extra bills
    • goals can be responsible ones too 
  • Learn to be spontaneous (Can you do that? Is it like planning to be unpredictable?)
  • Learn to truly forgive, forget, and let go of old drama
I know this list is far from finished, and some of the goals are loftier than others, but what's the point of having dreams if they have to be based in reality? 

I plan on adding to this as I come up with more ideas and crossing off items that I complete as time wears on.