Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shakira: Shakira, Album Review

Artist: Shakira
Album: Shakira
Point of Purchase: iTunes
Price: $6.99
Description:  I wasn't super sure about this album at first, I'd pick it up every time I went to Starbucks, look at it, look at the price, then set it back on the shelf.  Then they sent me a code for a free download of one of the songs... Empire... and I loved it, I listened to the album on Spotify and loved it, then the album went on sale on iTunes, and I HAD to have it. (Impulse control? Minimal)

I don't even understand the lyrics to all of the songs, because I'm not bilingual, but even the ones that are in a different language are hypnotically beautiful. Her songs make me want to dance, sing along, I feel the pain in the sad songs, in short she gives you ALL THE FEELINGS. 

Track Listings:
1. Dare (La La La)Is it true that you want it, Then act like you mean it
2. Can't Remember To Forget You (featuring Rihanna): I left a note on my bedpost, Said not to repeat yesterday's mistakes, What I tend to do when it comes to you, I see only the good, selective memory
3. Empire
You're my wildfire every single night
4. You Don't Care About MeShould have never helped, You become so powerful, But I saw a champion in your eyes
5. Cut Me Deep (featuring Magic!):I am covered in scars, Like a rose without thorns
6. SpotlightAnd if they wanna make me pay now, Then go on, Cause loving you was never wrong
7. Broken RecordI've told you 700 times, I don't need to keep looking, My search is done
8. Medicine (featuring Blake Shelton): Y
ou make a war seem like such an easy game
9. 23
Just like an angel, so beautifully strange
10. The One Thing
My fairy tale comes true when I look at your face

I'm not sure what she's singing in these songs, language barrier and all, but I like how they sound if that means anything. 
11. Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte:
12. Loca por Ti