Sunday, April 20, 2014

It Could Have Been A Lot Worse

On Friday of this year I was in a car accident.  Did some minor damage to my car (well, it seems minor, I haven't taken it to get an estimate yet), the other driver's car had a little more dents and scrapes, but after the tires stopped screeching we were all able to walk away without any cuts or bruises.
So, it could have been a lot worse.  People could have been hurt, cars could have been totalled, I have good car insurance, so after I pay my deductible, the only really lasting effect will be a higher monthly payment.

The part that upset me the most is that I'm going to have to cancel my upcoming vacation to Southern California.  I'm just thankful I had some cash set aside for the trip and that my family is willing to help me come up with the rest of the payment... so again, it could have been worse, I could be stranded without a car or money to get it fixed, I got fairly lucky in this situation as far as they could go.

It's upsetting, and a little scary to get behind the wheel again, but I have a wheel to get behind, and family to hold my hand when I'm scared. 

I had an unlucky moment in a very luck filled life.