Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dream State Escalate: 44

Ever have one of those dreams where you wake up so mad at the person who co-starred with you, that you want to call them up and scream at them or send them a sternly worded email? I had one of those last night.

Last night/early this morning I had a dream where my brother and I were house-sitting for my parents while they were out of town. I was taking care of their injured (he's fine in real life) dog, and I don't know what my brother was doing there.

Anyway... he decided to have a massive party with lots of, shall we say "loose" women (not to slut shame or anything, but these bitches were haggard). I told them all to get the fuck out of my house... they would not. I told my brother he couldn't have parties at the house, and hanging out with all those skanks was disrespectful to his girlfriend that he lived with. He said she had been hanging out with other guys, so it was only fair. I told him "hey, if you want to date other women, that's your business... but you need to break up with her, move out, and THEN you can start banging hoes...BUT YOU DON'T GET TO DO IT HERE." He didn't respond favorably, and instead invited MORE people, dangerous people over.

I caught them trying to steal my parents and my belongings... I finally locked myself and the dog in one of the guest bedrooms, but they kept trying to fight their way in. One even threw an grenade (my dreams are very imaginative) at us... I threw it back, and slammed the door closed, when it exploded, it destroyed the ceiling, the tile, and some of the walls in the hallway, but the door and my room stayed intact. (weird). I went outside and told all the girls that my brother had a girlfriend and he was just playing them, and they were like "what a jerk... oh well" and still wouldn't leave. I called the cops and they told me it was not their problem.

Finally I woke up.... seething.