Friday, February 28, 2014

Album Review: Dierks Bentley: Riser

Artist: Dierks Bentley
Album: Riser
Point of Purchase: iTunes
Price $9.99

Dierks is one of those artists who whenever he has a new single out, I immediately download it, same goes with his albums, and when I found out a couple years ago that he was going to be playing locally I made sure I had tickets to the show. His sound never disappoints, it's real country music (thank you for not having Autotune anywhere on any track), but he has a rock and roll heart. He seems like a real guy who fame hasn't really affected much (listen to I Hold On for a little taste of that). He seems like someone who would be just as fun to be around off stage as he is to watch on. 

The songs have a range of emotion, broken hearts, true love, and summer party songs all show up on this album, it wouldn't be Dierks if they didn't.

If you want to give the tracks a test run, they're all linked through spotify, or you can listen to the whole playlist by clicking "RISER" up top. Per my usual format, I chose some of my favorite lyrics from each song to share with you.

Dierks Bentley – Bourbon In Kentucky: There ain't enough bourbon in Kentucky to make me forget you.

Dierks Bentley – Say You DoYeah baby, I'm begging you to lead me on, Say it feels good to be back in my arms
Dierks Bentley – I Hold On: Can you hear me baby? I hold on. 
Dierks Bentley – Pretty Girls: Silver cans up in the air, they're singing along
Dierks Bentley – Here On Earth: This world keeps spinning round and round, you're lying still in the earth
Dierks Bentley – Drunk On A Plane: I've got empty mini bottles filling up both of our trays, I'm getting drunk on a plane
Dierks Bentley – Five: Ten minute drive, this old truck's gonna fly I'll be there in five. 
Dierks Bentley – Riser: I’m strong enough to hold you through the winter, mean enough to stare your demons down, the hard times put the shine into the diamond
Dierks Bentley – Sounds Of Summer: It's the dust in the air, and the freedom everywhere, Can't you hear it coming alive?
Dierks Bentley – Damn These Dreams: It's hard to look true love in the eye and leave.
Dierks Bentley – Back PorchGot a tin roof on the top just in case it rains, Got a kiddy pool off the deck for those hot as hell days
Dierks Bentley – Hurt SomebodyWell you ain't that old, but you ain't that young.
You've lived a lot, but you ain't quite done.