Monday, November 11, 2013

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This post isn't what you think it is... this isn't a health blog, I'm not railing against the obesity epidemic or GMOs... nope, I'm just talking about guilty pleasures.

In one of my many hot tub epiphanies I discovered that some men are a lot like high fructose corn syrup... stay with me here friends... let me explain.

1. They're harmless in small doses
2. They're deceptively sweet and the more you have them the more you want them.
3. In high doses they're absolutely toxic.
4. You want them when they're gone, even though you know they're bad for you.
5. The memories you made with them always make you smile (you know you have memories of eating super sweet popsicles as a kid and running around with a Technicolor mustache... it's the same idea)

Sound familiar?

These guys are often short lived flings, you part on good terms and wish each other well when you inevitably move on, but they always hold a special little corner of your heart and mind.

They're part of growing up, learning what you like or don't like (ew green popsicles), and making memories that will last a lifetime. We should be unapologetic about our love affairs with HFCS, but try not to make them a habit, because in the long run they're all filler and no real substance.