Monday, October 21, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 42

early this morning I was awakened by a nightmare that made me sit up, get out of bed, turn every light in my studio apartment on, and make sure all my locks and deadbolts were firmly in place.... and even then I wasn't so sure that it was okay to turn the lights back off for at least another hour.

in hindsight the dream wasn't that bad as far as my vivid scary dreams have been in the past, but I still woke up in a cold sweat. In the dream I had been driving through my grandmother's old neighborhood, the one she lived in while I was growing up, often times my dream state takes me back to this house, this neighborhood. Anyway as I was slowing my car getting closer to her house, I saw that she was backing out of the garage in her old car (I don't think she's had this car in more than a decade) and that she was on her way to work (she retired more than 15 years ago) so I kept driving so that she wouldn't be late to work. I was super anxious in the dream so I decided to go to Starbucks to get some herbal tea to calm my nerves (don't judge, it's a dream). On my way to the coffee shop I got stopped at a red light on the bad side of town and I felt someone kicking the back of my seat... so hard that it adjusted my seat forward, I reached around behind the seat feeling around to see what could have jostled me and felt someone's legs. I jumped out of the car in the middle of what was now fairly busy traffic and started beating on the person who was hiding out in my car, I was screaming for help and trying to get the other driver's attention so we could get who ever was in my car out, except no one would help, they were just honking because the light had turned green and I was blocking them.

when I woke up my left hand was super sore (it still is) like I had been fighting (or what I'd assume it would feel like anyway).