Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 39

The recurring nightmare of working at my college job resurfaced with a vengeance last night.

I had started working there as a part time job to supplement my income and had informed management that since it was a second job that I would only be available to work weekends since I already had a 40 hour a week M-F job that I couldn't take time off from to work part-time somewhere else, and they agreed to my requirements.

One morning I opened my email (this is how they were now sending out schedules) to find that I had missed several shifts, because they sent out the current week's schedule mid-week, and had scheduled me during weekdays (which they knew I would not be available for). I had a major confrontation with management, and they told me that if I couldn't be committed to working when they scheduled me, that I couldn't work there anymore. So I said my goodbyes and stormed out of the store... but not before I cast a spell (of some sort, I'm still unclear as to what it's outcome was supposed to be) on the shop.

As I was walking (stomping) to my car I noticed a cute skater boy leaning up against the wall of the building and we ended up walking to the arcade and making out... When it was time for me to leave a security guard stopped me and pulled me into their office. He asked me for my name and if I was related to Alfred, I said that I was his granddaughter, but that he had passed away many years ago. The man said that he knew, and had always felt guilty about cheating him out of thousands of dollars and he wanted to make it right. So he handed me a thick roll of $100 bills and told me to keep it. I argued about it, asked him if I should give it to my grandmother, and in the end he told me that it had always been intended for me and that I needed to keep it.

...guess I didn't need the second job after all?