Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 37

So much crazy in one dream last night...

It started out that I had gone to the movies with my brother, it was a late night show and I was tired and I kept trying to lean up against him to go to sleep and he kept yelling at me that I was the one who wanted to come to see the film and I better keep my ass awake {oh brothers...} so I got up to go to the concession stand to get some food and drinks to keep myself from nodding off... and the lines were crazy long so I went to a different stand in the Cineplex...but they were closing so I had to get a sealed bag of ready made popcorn and a canned soda.  When I finally got back to the theater I had missed the first few minutes of the show and as my bro was catching me up everything morphed into a theatre/classroom, like there was a huge stage and desks. All of a sudden I'm in the front row of a play in which Mark Wahlberg is the star and it's a musical... then the instructor comes out and hands everyone a huge bundle for our mid-term exams. I start to panic because I haven't been to class... well ever, and have no clue how I'll pass, I don't even know what subject was being taught.  To my great luck, I open the packed and the whole test is based on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and True Blood. Golden. I was golden. A+ for Lauren.

Then I woke up in a cold sweat, had soaked my pjs and sheets. LOL I guess all that test stress was real.