Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 39

The recurring nightmare of working at my college job resurfaced with a vengeance last night.

I had started working there as a part time job to supplement my income and had informed management that since it was a second job that I would only be available to work weekends since I already had a 40 hour a week M-F job that I couldn't take time off from to work part-time somewhere else, and they agreed to my requirements.

One morning I opened my email (this is how they were now sending out schedules) to find that I had missed several shifts, because they sent out the current week's schedule mid-week, and had scheduled me during weekdays (which they knew I would not be available for). I had a major confrontation with management, and they told me that if I couldn't be committed to working when they scheduled me, that I couldn't work there anymore. So I said my goodbyes and stormed out of the store... but not before I cast a spell (of some sort, I'm still unclear as to what it's outcome was supposed to be) on the shop.

As I was walking (stomping) to my car I noticed a cute skater boy leaning up against the wall of the building and we ended up walking to the arcade and making out... When it was time for me to leave a security guard stopped me and pulled me into their office. He asked me for my name and if I was related to Alfred, I said that I was his granddaughter, but that he had passed away many years ago. The man said that he knew, and had always felt guilty about cheating him out of thousands of dollars and he wanted to make it right. So he handed me a thick roll of $100 bills and told me to keep it. I argued about it, asked him if I should give it to my grandmother, and in the end he told me that it had always been intended for me and that I needed to keep it.

...guess I didn't need the second job after all?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chicken & Veggies

I'd like to think of a fancy name for this eventually, maybe you know one if you look at the ingredients, but for now I'm going with Chicken & Veggies.  I don't really measure with this, so go with your gut and taste buds

  • Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Olive Oil
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Squash
  • Yellow Onion
  • Roma Tomatoes (seeded)
  • Sun dried Tomato Pesto
  • Pampered Chef Sweet Basil Rub
  • Salt (optional)
  • Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (optional)

I started by heating up my frying pan with olive oil and a chopped clove of garlic.

I coated the top side of the chicken with the basil rub then chopped it into slightly larger than bite-sized pieces so that they would cook faster than if I left it intact and tossed it in the frying pan with 1/2 of the onion I chopped.

Chopped the rest of the garlic (I used like 5-6 cloves, but I love garlic, so use as much as you're comfortable with), the zucchini, squash, and put a heaping amount of the sun dried tomato pesto in a large bowl and mixed them all together with a little (very little) salt then tossed everything in the pan. I stirred fairly frequently, and when I noticed that stuff was starting to stick a little I added more olive oil. Just before it was finished cooking, I added in the tomatoes, then turned down the heat and let everything simmer for a few minutes.

Once it was all cooked I put in a large serving dish and sprinkled the top with cheddar and let it sit 2-3 minutes to let the cheese melt a bit and for it to set up.

I've made this before without the chicken and it was just as delicious, but it wasn't filling, so without the protein, it would be an excellent side dish, but didn't work (for me) as a meal.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Departed at SLO Brew

The Departed is one of my favorite bands right now, they've been around a little over two years (maybe 3) but they've definitely made an impact. Two of the members were formerly part of the band Cross Canadian Ragweed and I love that band as well. This is an act that I make sure not to miss if they happen to be in the area (I don't really want to talk about the time I got kicked out of the bar before they came on stage about 4 years back when they were still Ragweed). Anyway they were at SLO Brew on the 11th and I thought I'd share some pics of the live show.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 38

ugh. last. night.

The dream itself in the moment wasn't bad or scary...but when I woke up and started thinking about it, it left me cold. 100% nightmare.

The dream started off at my parents' house I was visiting with my mom and she suggested that I go to this new boutique in the town she lives in... at the golf course that the evil ex works at... I explain to her that I'm "not allowed" there, her response was that unless he had a restraining order against me, there was nothing blocking me from shopping at this awesome store, so with complete trepidation I go, I find a few things that I like and I'm setting them aside, my mom was going to buy them as a birthday gift for me, she just wanted me to pick them out, and I'm thinking that I'm really lucky that I've been there for hours and haven't bumped into Him... of course as I'm thinking this, he comes around the corner... I think that maybe he didn't see me, so I duck behind my hair and start to leave. No such luck... he just pretends that he doesn't see me and is talking to his friend REALLY LOUD about how thankful he is that is single again and ready to move on with someone new. I turn around and start walking as fast as I can in the opposite direction, except I can't walk that fast because I sprain my knee in the about face. He notices that I'm no longer behind him and comes up to me to help me and we go sit in the back of a movie theater (magic how those things randomly appear in a dream) and we start talking and catching up. He puts his arm around my shoulders and I snuggle in close like I belong there. He tells me that I'm the reason that him and his ex broke up and were always fighting. I start to protest because I haven't spoken to him in over a year, long before him and his girl got together. He explains that it wasn't anything that I did, it was that she wasn't me, she didn't understand him, and when he lost me, he lost his best friend... and he wanted us to try again. Then an usher from the theater comes and yells at us for talking during the lecture (I guess it wasn't a movie house after all) and that we needed to leave. So we get up and leave the theater and walk to an adorable little outdoor bistro and order glasses of wine (and I distinctly remember it being 10:30 in the morning) and reminiscing about our good times together and how we were looking forward to trying to be a "real couple" instead of the friends with benefits that we were before.

I was so happy and felt like I was finally where I needed to be.

Except how could that be? Because ugh. It was one of the most unhealthy relationships of my life. Probably top 3. Definitely top 3. How could that be what makes me happy? Dysfunction in the extreme. I feel like my brain needs a bleach bath.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 37

So much crazy in one dream last night...

It started out that I had gone to the movies with my brother, it was a late night show and I was tired and I kept trying to lean up against him to go to sleep and he kept yelling at me that I was the one who wanted to come to see the film and I better keep my ass awake {oh brothers...} so I got up to go to the concession stand to get some food and drinks to keep myself from nodding off... and the lines were crazy long so I went to a different stand in the Cineplex...but they were closing so I had to get a sealed bag of ready made popcorn and a canned soda.  When I finally got back to the theater I had missed the first few minutes of the show and as my bro was catching me up everything morphed into a theatre/classroom, like there was a huge stage and desks. All of a sudden I'm in the front row of a play in which Mark Wahlberg is the star and it's a musical... then the instructor comes out and hands everyone a huge bundle for our mid-term exams. I start to panic because I haven't been to class... well ever, and have no clue how I'll pass, I don't even know what subject was being taught.  To my great luck, I open the packed and the whole test is based on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and True Blood. Golden. I was golden. A+ for Lauren.

Then I woke up in a cold sweat, had soaked my pjs and sheets. LOL I guess all that test stress was real.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 36

I know it's been awhile since I've posted in the dream journal, and it's not so much that I haven't been dreaming, it's been that they continue to be disjointed and I don't remember them long enough to get more than an sentence or two on the screen.

Over the weekend I kept dreaming that I was travelling all over the world, but had no money for necessities, like food and lodging... and my friends were really upset that I couldn't pay $550 a plate for spaghetti in Italy. Or $40 for a slice of pizza in Las Vegas. Personally I think my friends were acting like assholes because they knew I couldn't afford it and they still insisted that we go to those places... also if the sommelier keeps pouring you wine that you didn't order or ask to be refilled, still expect to pay that $100 tab for 3 glasses of table red. Le sigh.

Last night I had one of my reoccurring dreams/nightmares that involved my former stepmother... I don't know why she pops up just to unsettle me at least once a month... apparently she likes haunting me even if she isn't dead. Anyway last night wasn't so much of a nightmare as it was annoying. She showed up at my house and was telling me that I needed to forgive her for all the chaos she caused my family four years ago, that she wasn't the same person, that I needed to "let go of the hate" so that we could be friends again.  I looked her straight in the eye and told her "Bitch please, we were never friends, it doesn't matter if you've changed, and I don't hate you. You mean nothing to me, you're a stranger, and that is how I would like to keep it. I don't wish any bad things to happen to you, I just don't want to know you. Now please leave my house."

I've told her as much 4.5 years ago when she was stalking my facebook page and trying to get me to be "friends" with her... I left off the bitch part, but basically told her to leave me alone that I didn't want to be friends, in a polite, if cold, manner. I don't think there is anything unresolved between us, so I don't know why when I'm stressed about life or whatever that she invades my dreams... I can't decide if it's better or worse than the reoccurring nightmares of working at the Surf Shop from my college days. At least in these dreams I stand up for myself and tell her what I think, which doesn't happen in the college job dreams... maybe my mind is just crazy.