Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 33

Maybe I shouldn't complain about my dreams being jumbled and hard to remember...maybe I should look at it as a break from the mayhem...because last night was a doozy. I've been away for 3 hours and I'm still completely shaken by my dream.

Last night the dream started that my cousin, featured in the photo above had accidentally overdosed on some painkillers and died... the rest of the dream was trying to cope with it, and lets just say I didn't cope well. I started hooking up with an ex's good friend, and didn't care who saw or found out. The family's beloved pet polar bear (idk where my brain comes up with this stuff) couldn't get himself out of the water after he went for a swim off our house's back deck (apparently in dream land my family owns a waterfront house in polar bear country) and drowned all scratched up and bloody, basically shark bait... my mom wouldn't let me go in to rescue him because, well, he's a ginormous bear and would probably kill me while I tried to save him...not to mention the circling sharks... if I didn't drown along with the bear, I'd get eaten by JAWS.