Monday, April 29, 2013

April: Be Amazed

Daryl lives!
  • The Walking Dead Season Finale, and what we'll do with our lives until October: That's right fans, we are officially caught up with the rest of the world and have made it to the season 3 finale.  I was NOT one of the fans who was disappointed with the show in the least. One of the characters that I've been so impatiently waiting to be killed off has bit the dust, while not quite in the way I would have imagined, they are no longer around to annoy me with their feelings. Characters that I didn't want to see travel to season four, will, but at the same time every show needs that flawed individual that you love to hate, right? Trying not to give too much away here, in case some of you are watching at a delayed speed, but I'll just let you know that I was satisfied... and I will spoil one bit... because I have to... DARYL DIXON LIVES!! ALL RIOTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED (for the time being). Now, what to do with girls' night until November? Luckily there are a few options available to us. First and foremost, True Blood starts in June and we have to get everyone caught up to the current season.  Then there's always Cal Poly Baseball, one of the girls has season tickets, so we plan on cheering on the 'Stangs a few times this season. We also found out that a local bar has karaoke on Thursday nights, so I might be adding a few songs to my usual set list and rocking out in Old Orcutt (prepare your ears people). I think we'll survive until season 4 finds it's way to us.
  • Rice Ranch Community Park
  • Working on My Fitness: I really don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I've made an effort to incorporate some exercise into my life and adding more veggies to my diet. This getting old isn't for wussies and beach season is right around the corner. So far one of my girlfriends and I have gone for walks at a BEAUTIFUL local park, in the Rice Ranch neighborhood, that has various trails to explore (to the point we're I'm bringing my camera) and the beach. We went grocery shopping together and encouraged each other to make better food choices than we may have on our own (or at least she slapped the pop tarts out of my hand, figuratively). After being stagnant for so long it feels good to be out and moving again, in fact my body craves it. It wants to keep moving, push farther, and get stronger. I'm also sleeping a lot better, less weird dreams (which is leaving me with less material for my dream journal), less waking up multiple times throughout the night, and less nighttime anxiety in general. I guess it was time, I'm even enjoying the veggies.

  • Jurassic Park/The Host Double Feature Weekend: This year Universal Studios re-release the classic(ish) Dinosaur flick that delighted/scared us all in the early 90s... only this time they release it in 3D. In my honest opinion, it was a waste of time and money. I enjoyed going to the movies with my mom and younger cousin (who had never seen the movie before, he was born after it's original release), but the movie simply wasn't filmed for a 3D audience and it showed. The extra dimension added depth to the rainforest, but the raptors never jumped off the screen at you, and I never had the urge to reach out and touch a brontosaurus. It was interesting to see how young Jeff Goldblum was nearly 20 years ago, but hey, we've all aged some since then. The second feature of the day (for me, it wasn't a movie house promotion) was the Host, the movie adaptation of Stephanie Myer's "adult novel," I'm using quotes because it was marketed for us grown ups but it was clearly young adult. Anyway, the movie was terrible. Let me say it again because it was that TERRIBLE. I would suggest saving your redbox dollar, reading the book (because it was so much better than Twilight), and using your imagination for visuals. My girlfriends and I laughed in all the parts that were not supposed to be funny and looked at each other in bewilderment in all the parts that were supposed to be amusing... at one part I was hoping the movie would take a left turn from the book and the protagonist would meet her untimely end, hope that didn't spoil too much for you. We had brought in mini bottles of Sutter Home Moscato (because we're classy bitches), and even that wasn't enough to make the movie more enjoyable, or maybe it was the single serving nature of the beast that wasn't enough. That being said, I wouldn't have wanted to see this movie with any other group of ladies. We share similar senses of humor and tastes in wine... so even though the movie was dismally disappointing it was still an enjoyable experience with friends.
  • The Faint Concert for one of our Girls' Nights this month we went to a concert at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo.  I have to say the band isn't one I'm familiar with, or would really even listen to on my own, that being said they were so awesome live.
    • Dinner: We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and one of the girls' brother's met up with us there. It was delicious as usual, and we even splurged on their red velvet cake for a perfect end to such a great meal.
    • The Show: The opening act was less than spectacular, I couldn't get over how much the lead singer reminded me from Scott from the first season of the original 90210... you know the kid who wore the baseball hat all the time, and got drunk and shot himself? David's nerdier friend? That guy. Also he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket... the band itself was pretty decent.  Then the main event started and I was blown away and nearly trampled... I guess people think it's appropriate to mosh in a tiny venue.... Homegirl was ready to throw some punches... but instead of potentially getting kicked out of another bar...(it's happened) I just moved to the back and into the safe zone. The music, the lights, the show... what can I say? It was such a good surprise.
  • Los Angeles: This month I made the short drive to Los Angeles to visit my cousins for an overnight trip, and per our regular fashion we packed as many activities into the 26 hours that I was there.
    • Art Opening: We  went to Charlie James' Gallery for William Powhida's show, I haven't really ever gone to an opening before and it was really interesting.  The art was unlike things I've seen in the past, and it was really intriguing. Take a look at the links above to see for yourself. 
    • Cole's: Home of the French Dip Sandwich and Atomic Mustard. OMG. Seriously the best pastrami sandwich ever (Papa Napoli's is an extremely close second) and amazing cocktails were had (I chose a gin and tonic, it was as good as the ones I make at home). 
    • The Clock: We went to a screening of Christian Marclay's The Clock at the LA County Museum of Art. The best way to describe how the film works is from the description on the link, but I'll quote it here too. "The Clock is a twenty-four-hour single-channel montage constructed from thousands of moments of cinema and television history depicting the passage of time. Marclay has excerpted each of these moments from their original contexts and edited them together to create a functioning timepiece synchronized to local time wherever it is viewed—marking the exact time in real time for the viewer for twenty-four consecutive hours." I really enjoyed the time we spent there, it's truly amazing how different artists are inspired by different things and how they create their art. I cannot imagine how time consuming, life consuming really, it must have been. We stayed for about 90 minutes and it was so entertaining.
    • Brunch: On Sunday we went to brunch at a restaurant called Millie's and it was delicious.
    • The Grove: After brunch we hung out at their place for a bit, then went to The Grove and the farmer's market for people watching before before I had to get on the road home. The people watching was entertaining, sadly there were no celebrity sightings on this trip.... maybe next time.
  • The Last Weekend of the Month: was filled with dog sitting, quilt shows, and spending time with friends. April was truly a great month, stay tuned for May in a few weeks.