Monday, March 11, 2013

More Customer Service Adventures.

This time the adventure wasn't my own, but one that I witnessed while shopping over the weekend. I want to preface this with the manager at the store never once lost her cool or professionalism, and deserves some sort of bonus after dealing with her customer from hell.

I was at Dress Barn yesterday... And was totally eavesdropping on a crazy lady at the counter and the manager trying to deal with her... I was laughing so hard.
The lady bought an outfit... Took it home... Put it on... Realized it was the wrong outfit and that it didn't fit... So she decided to wear it all day in hopes of stretching it out so that it would fit... Or encourage her to go on a diet... And she popped a button on the shirt... So she tried to return it.

The manager told her that she couldn't accept the return because it had been worn and the lady got so mad because the product was "defective because it didn't fit" and it went in circles forever... The lady was yelling "what am I going to do with this garbage? It doesn't fit! The button popped off after I wore it for one day" and the manager told her "you should have brought it back when it didn't fit" and then the lady kept saying "but I wanted to stretch it out!!"

Side note: she had this ugly mangy looking little dog with her (which totally isn't the dog's fault, but it does add to the story)

The lady was even trying to tell the manager that she wasn't going to be able to pay her bills if she didn't get her money back... That was when all the other excuses didn't work...  

Hey lady,

1. You damaged the outfit,
2. You wore it all day,
3. You didn't bring a receipt...

What did you think was going to happen?

When she finally accepted that she wasn't going to be able to get her money back (she also didn't have a receipt because she accidentally threw the trash out before she knew it didn't fit) she started walking her dog all over the store because she wasn't done shopping, and the little critter must have had fleas or something because it kept itching and scratching itself all over the place every time she gave it an opportunity to sit down... the manager told her that she had to carry it if it was going to be in the store. This of course angered the lady too because according to her, it's an ADA dog.... Except it wasn't identified as a service dog at all... and she stormed her crazy ass out of the store.

When it was my turn to make my purchase I made sure to tell the lady I hoped her day got better and that she did a great job at handling the customer before me.

So ridiculous... Reminded me of all the customer service issues I have to deal with... And I'm still thankful I'm not in a clothing store anymore.

This brings me to the conclusion that the customer is not always right; sometimes the customer is an idiot.