Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dream State Escalate:29

Last night was interesting to say the least... I'm not sure if I'd classify it as a good one or a sad one, maybe bittersweet?

Jesse Dog and I worked for the Make a Wish Foundation, and our specialty was abandoned children who just wanted to feel like they had a dog and a family at the end. Jesse would sleep on the bed with the kids and I'd hang out with them in their rooms and they would roll a bed in at night for me to sleep in.

My ex was also in the dream and we were in the process of getting back together... he also worked for the Foundation, except he was in the Princess division, making sure all the little girls got to play dress up with a "real" Prince and have tea parties and get rescued from scary dragons.

One part really stuck out with me, we were having lunch in between clients at some really cool harbor (not sure what I'd call them) and I was telling him "you're going to have to tell your parents that we're together eventually, it's not fair that you're keeping me a secret."