Friday, March 22, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 31

Turns out I'm more emotionally disturbed than originally thought. Last night my dreams took me to my grandparents' house from my childhood. I was dating this physically beautiful man, and my little brother was still alive and well except he was about 7 years old in this dream.

Anyway the three of us were in the back room at my grandparents house at some family event and I confronted my boyfriend about being quiet and anti-social which was strange for him. He looks into my eyes, glances over at my brother and quietly tells me that before I picked him up that day he had gone to the beach with his much hated ex.

I, of course, assume he cheated on me...but it's much worse. He goes on to tell me that he took her out into the ocean and stabbed her and left her, not knowing if she was alive or dead, just that the water was very cold. He said it without emotion or remorse.

The most disturbing part of the dream was my reaction. All I could say to him was "okay, so you did something bad, but this doesn't effect us, right? You and me...we're okay; aren't we?"

I woke up shortly after and had a montage of strange dreams after, but nothing that sticks out with enough clarity to post about.