Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 28

last night took a turn for the weird... I blame seeing Oz the Great and Powerful over the weekend for one... possibly the gin and tonic for the second.... I don't know where the 3rd came from, so lets get to it.

Dream One: I had a child and a pink dog... already weird right? anyway something happened where we were abandoned in the middle of the Australian outback near some train tracks and we had to find our way back to civilization. At first we thought the best way would be to follow the tracks back, because eventually they should lead to some sort of city where we could get help, except in doing that we left ourselves exposed to the elements (in my dream only the tracks were in the desert, the rest of the "outback" was more like a rain forest) and we couldn't find shelter, food, or water so we had to go into the jungle. This also kept us safe from people who where chasing after us trying to keep us from getting back to Sydney. While in the jungle we met up with some magical creatures that helped us along the way and eventually lead us home... where our friends and family got mad at us for disappearing and never checking in on facebook or via text. I'm sorry, there isn't a wi-fi connection in the jungle and we were gone for like six months, my iPhone battery died in the first couple hours of being gone.

Dream Two: My aunt was a tap dance instructor at a local college... and her husband was her star student... AND she was one of the choreographers for The Mickey Mouse Club (which was still a very popular show in my dreams).

Dream Three: I was at my dad's house at the lake, except the floor plan for his house was exactly like my great aunt's house that I grew up in... and I had to get ready for work and everyone I knew in Paso kept coming over and hiding my work clothes and occupying the bathroom so that I couldn't get ready.