Monday, March 11, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 27

I had a few dreams last night but only one is clear now that I'm waking up.

I was dating this super thug gang member type guy. In real life he was someone I went to high school with but didn't really know him, just knew who he was and idk if he was a good guy or not, he was just someone I passed in the halls. Anyway, I wasn't supposed to know about his misdeeds or gang affiliation but I somehow found out. When he figured out that I knew he decided that I knew too much and that he had to kill me, so he sent one of his lynchwomen after me in the ladies room, trying to catch me unaware. I saw her come in after me with a gun (a very fancy handgun I might add, silver with a pearly grip) and instead of going in a stall to use the facilities I grabbed her pistol and threw open the bathroom door. He was waiting on the other side, gun drawn and had started firing. He missed every time he pulled the trigger, I raised my gun to fire back and it kept clicking like it was empty. I hear someone whisper in my ear "the safety is still on" I released the safety, fired, and a big hole opened up in his neck.

As soon as he fell to the ground the police started showing up, I dropped my weapon and told them that I still had to use the restroom, because the gun fight had interrupted me (I was strangely calm for just killing my boyfriend who had tried to murder me). They followed me into the restroom and made me go in a bucket that they were going to send to the FBI to analyze if I had been involved in any of his illegal activities (I don't know how they could do it, but my dreams are crazy). They arrested me and took me to a halfway house instead of a police station because they were worried about what might happen if any of his "brothers or sisters" in the gang found out I had killed their leader.

My mom was waiting for me at the house with my laptop and a list of lawyers and my most recent bank statement to figure out who I was going to be able to afford to represent me when I went to trial, after glancing at my funds we realized that it would be a state appointed lawyer at best.