Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 25

I don't know what it is with celebrity boyfriend dreams, but I'd like them to continue... although in this dream I wasn't really dating Dane Cook, just his doppelganger: Matt Austin (possibly Miles' older billionaire half brother? it's dreamland, why not?).  Anyway, I had had a rough week at work and Matt decided to take me away for the weekend to relax... in the Bahamas... I guess I have a passport in dreamland too.  Anyway we go to the SUPER FANCY resort and change into our STAR WARS bathing suits. Yeah we're that cool... I had this gold one piece bikini type thing... meaning yeah, it was only one piece... but there was a lot of skin showing... no worries though, I was in prime bathing suit condition, I don't think I've ever been in that great of shape... and he had R2D2 swim trunks. Yeah... we were that couple... and it was glorious. So we just enjoyed our day at the beach, had delicious cocktails, splashed in the ocean, and had the perfect fantasy weekend get away. God, I love my dream boyfriend. He's so thoughtful and generous.

something like this, but with C3PO designs on it.