Saturday, February 2, 2013

Green Enchiladas

I found part of this recipe online and made it my own from there. It isn't what anyone would call "authentic" Mexican food, but it's still delicious. I'm sure you could make homemade green sauce and it would be even better, but for me the canned stuff works just fine.

Lo’s Green Enchiladas

Ingredients (all ingredients are to taste and are subject to the amount of enchiladas you are planning on making):

§  Olive Oil

§  Yellow Onions (at least 2 small ones, more if desired)

§  Garlic Flakes

§  Chicken Broth (enough to cover the chicken completely when boiling, would estimate a minimum of 2 boxes, can add water to chicken broth if you do not have enough)

§  Chopped boneless skinless chicken breasts (the smaller the pieces the faster they will cook and will be easier to mix in the stuffing mixture, I prefer to use roughly bite sized pieces)

§  Minced garlic

§  Ortega Green Chilies, diced

§  Large Can of Las Palmas green sauce

§  Flour Tortillas

§  Sour Cream

§  Shredded Mexican Cheese Mix

§  Black Olives


1.              Drizzle oil in the bottom of a deep pot, add in half of your onions coarsely chopped and garlic flakes, cook until onions start to brown.

2.              Pour in chicken broth and bring to boil

3.              Add in raw chicken breasts and boil until tender stirring occasionally, add spoonful of minced garlic just as chicken is close to cooked.

4.              Dice remaining onions while chicken is cooking

5.              After chicken is cooked strain and allow to cool

6.              In a large bowl mix sour cream, cheese, olives, diced onions, and cooled chicken.

7.              Spoon chicken mixture into center of flour tortillas and wrap up and place in 9 x 13 baking dish

8.              Once dish is full pour green sauce over until each tortilla is covered.

9.              Cover with cheese and green olives

10.         Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and bubbling.