Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 9

More disturbing dreams. I blame the coyotes outside the house last night/early this morning.

I was taking Jesse Dog for a walk in a strange neighborhood. Well strange in real life, I think it was where we lived in dream life. Anyway he broke loose from his lease and took off running and I had to run after him. There was a round about in our path and two classic cars were coming, racing to get to the exit first. Jesse darted out in front of one of the cars and the bastard sped up even more when he saw my dog in his path. Jesse only got barely tapped by the car but obviously it scared him really bad and he took off running again and when I got in front of the car the guy slammed on his breaks causing the other driver to slam into his car totalling both. Both drivers were pissed off and blamed Jesse and wanted to kidnap (dognap) him and kill him. I wasn't having any of it since the guy intentionally tried to run over my dog and only stopped because I got in his way. So as he's yelling at people to capture Jesse I grabbed a shovel out of the neighbor's yard and slammed it into the guy's head and knocked him out. No one is taking my dog from me. No one.