Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 22

I had two dreams last night, one was fairly easily explainable, the other would need a little more research. Dream one was that I went to a professional basketball game with some of my co-workers and we met up with some other friends of mine at the stadium. The game itself was fairly ridiculous, think Harlem Globetrotters type shenanigans...but more. We all had a great time, and that was pretty much it. I think this dream came from one of my co-workers really did go to a Clippers game last night and it's something we've been talking about at work quite a bit for the past week.
Dream two was a little more complex in nature I suppose. In this dream I was at my dad's house at the lake, except in dream land it was right by the water, and much smaller... like single-wide trailer size. Anyway, cut to the kitchen and us arguing. In the dream this argument is decades old, and I'm getting chewed out for being rude to my former stepmother when I was ten years old. I keep telling my dad to let it go, that he isn't married to her anymore, and that if he's going to call me out on having bad judgment more than 20 years ago, he should look at the awful person he was sharing his life with at that time (honestly cuts like a motherfucking knife doesn't it?). So the argument continues and suddenly there's a knock at the door, a frantic woman, a stranger is there and needs to borrow the phone book and make a phone call. So for some unknown reason we let her in and show her where everything is. I walk out of the room, but I can still hear her conversation with whomever is on the other end of the line. It turns out this woman is a thief, and possibly a murderess. She discovers that I have heard her and she decides to take us hostage at gunpoint. We leave the house and go off in search of supplies because now we're all on the run from the law. I keep trying to escape, but the woman keeps finding me and bringing me back, telling me that since I helped forage for food and supplies I'm now an accessory to her crimes and I'll get in trouble too. Suddenly all the law enforcement in the county starts rolling into where we're hiding, cops in boats, cars, helicopters, motorcycles... you name it they're there. I woke up sometime around when the gunfire started. I don't think I was hurt in the dream or anyone else for that matter... but I woke up feeling unsettled and angry.