Monday, February 25, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 20

In this dream I went to the movies in an old theater in the town my dad lived in when I was growing up. In real life this place doesn't exist. Anyway my dad, aunt, and my little brother (who is alive and well in dreamland) all decide we want to see "A Good Day To Die Hard" we get to the box office and buy our tickets and snacks and then have to go through this long maze to get to where the "normal" movies are, since apparently this theater also shows skin flicks, they even sold lube and condoms at the concession stand (Ummm ewww). We finally get to our movie and it's so packed that we can't sit together, we scatter throughout and suddenly the room is a film class and I have to study and take notes on "The Art of Adam Sandler" and I'm completely unprepared. I have to borrow pens and paper from the lady sitting next to me (who btw was like 90 years old) and she scolded me for interrupting "Happy Gilmore"

When the class was over they gave us a tour of the facility and showed us how they cleaned the "other" theaters... Everything was plastic, the chairs, the curtains, all but the floors. After each show they would spray disinfectant on all the seats and then get a pressure washer and hose off the entire room, then bring in large fans to dry everything off in time for the next show. Still so freaking gross.

Lol. It kind of cracks me up that my brain was so grossed out by the theater it conjured up that it had to figure out the hygienics of it all.