Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 18

 Work dreams are always so weird, at least this one wasn't the reoccurring dream where I'm back at my college job after X amount of years. Last night I dreamt that I worked at the airport office for my current job. I had gotten off work and drove out to my parents' house about 20 miles away. When I got to their place I realized that I forgot to lock up the office so I called one of my co-workers who happened to be working at Pepper Garcia's (a restaurant at the airport... that she doesn't work at) to check the office to see if I locked it or not. She confirmed that the office was unlocked and that I needed to come back to close up. It was quite the adventure trying to get back to the airport. I had to wait for a parade to go through town, a Tour de France type bicycle race blocked the road, and finally I woke up before I ever got back.