Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 13

I'd been wondering about my dreams lately. Seems for the past few days I've been having a hard time remembering them after I wake up. Maybe it has something to do with being sick or maybe we all go through phases where we forget. Last night the dreams stuck, mostly.

Dream 1: this dream was just getting started when it was rudely interrupted by my full bladder and I woke up. I was part of Downton Abbey (my latest Netflix obsession) I'm not sure if I was staff or family, but I was carrying on a conversation with Lord Grantham, let me tell you my English accent was flawless and not at all cheesy.

Dream 2: I was out shopping in San Luis and Santa Barbara with my mom and brother. In the dream they were neighboring towns. I was really annoyed with my brother over the whole ordeal, he wasn't supposed to come with us but decided to tag along on the trip. I got so pissed off that I made a new friend with someone in one of the malls we were at and bailed on the family. I couldn't handle my brother's attitude and my mom kept taking his side when we would get into arguments. I had much more fun shopping with the stranger.

Dream 3: this one was disturbing, not scary but it bothered me. Earlier in the day I had gone to a gas station "up north" and a friend of mine worked there. I filled up my car and she told me that if she swiped my card instead of paying at the pump I'd get her employee fuel discount. So I handed her my card, she swiped it and handed me back what I thought was my debit card. Later in the dream I went to pay for something else and realized that she had given me back someone else's card. When I called my bank to cancel it (I had thought it was a simple mistake and it was too far away to go back for it) I found out that she cleaned out my bank account in the few hours since I left that morning. The bank was cool and helped me get my money back, but it hurt that a friend would do something like that. I woke up still upset even when I realized it was just a dream.