Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 12

My brain must have been gearing up for work today (I was out sick yesterday, but decided I would brave the office today)... anyway I was going through deposit slips and matching them to invoices that had been paid with cash when I came across a slip from one of our satellite offices for $9,000,000. Yeah... NINE MILLION DOLLARS, and there were no notes as to what I should be applying it to, so I called the office that had made the deposit to see what went on. The girl who answered the phone said "well a customer left a briefcase on the counter full of cash along with the car keys, he told me to use what was in the case to pay for the rental and then he ran out the doors. So I just deposited the whole amount." I asked her if it seemed suspicious that someone would pay that much in cash for a one day rental, she agreed that it was weird, but that she didn't feel comfortable with that kind of money in the safe so she took it to the bank. We later found out that all the bills were counterfeit (um duh?) and that the guy was on the run from the law (bigger duh).