Monday, February 4, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 10

Last night my dreams were sort of interconnected... meaning they both took place at the beach.

Dream 1: I was a internationally famous landscape photographer and I was travelling with my best friend taking photos of waterfalls all over the world... except she kept photobombing me... to the point where I pushed her into the pool of water so I wouldn't miss my shot. I'm sorry Meg. but you deserved it. Later I was shooting at the beach with my mom and I fell into a tide pool barely saving my equipment from falling into the ocean.

Dream 2: My friend Tess and I had gone back to visit Pancho's Surf Shop, a place we both worked at during our college years, but oddly enough, our time there didn't overlap. So we go back into the shop and all the old management/owners are there from my time in the store... and they kept trying to get me to help customers since they were really busy and I "knew what to do." I decided that since I was no longer an employee I'd rather just leave than continue the visit. So Tess and I went out to the harbor (apparently in Dream Land Pismo Beach has a harbor) to rent a row boat to play in the ocean with. Two giant men decided to jump in our boat and try to overturn it (not cool guys, I mean I don't even know you!) anyway we get them out of the boat and go back to the process of renting our boat only to find out that the rental company needed to take a $300,000 hold on one of our credit cards as part of the rental process. I was telling the person in charge that the boat wasn't even worth that much, and their response was "If you get lost out in the ocean and we have to send the Coast Guard out to rescue you, you are responsible for their fees" umm ouch, we got out of the boat real fast and decided it would be better to just hang out at our hotel's pool.