Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 5

I had two fairly bizarre dreams last night

The first one was that I was house sitting for my parents and taking care of my dog Holly (which is weird in itself because she died years ago and Jesse, the dog we currently have wasn't in the dream at all). Anyway I was playing outside when I smelled smoke and heard fire trucks. I yelled to my neighbor who had just gotten home if he knew what was going on, he said that he didn't. Just then I notice that the field in front of my parents house was up in flames and the fence between my house and the neighbors was burning too. We were able to put all the fires in the yards out with garden hoses and I woke up before the firemen arrived.

The second dream was that I was shopping at JC Penney's with my mom, brother, his girlfriend, my grandma, and boyfriend Miles Austin (seriously LOVE how he keeps appearing in my dreams). Somehow while shopping I lost my shoes in the store and had no idea where they could be. So we all start searching for my flip flops, even looking for new ones to purchase when it starts to look like we aren't going to find them. Suddenly we hear over the loud speaker that the "Sandal Wearing Serial Killer" has struck again killing someone in the store and has once again left their shoes behind as evidence. They were looking for someone with no shoes on and would be closing their shoe department and checking everyone at the door. I of course panicked because I hadn't done anything wrong, but because I was missing my shoes I had just become a prime target. I started crying so Miles just hugged me trying to calm me down as my grandma (ever tactful) starts yelling "We don't have time for this shit! Find your shoes and get yourself together. We got to go!" I woke up from this one before ever finding the shoes, but I didn't get arrested either.