Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dream State Escalate: 1

I have intense strange dreams. They're vivid and emotional and so very real in the moment. I often wake up still feeling the effects and I can usually remember them for days, sometimes years depending on their impact. I've been thinking about starting a dream journal for years, you know document the crazy. Maybe now is the time.

So last night thankfully there were no nightmares... just dreams that left me with a feeling of "WTF?!? You're weird Brain"

Dream 1: I was watching the news at home (odd I don't have cable in real life) and this huge scandal broke out... about the Los Angeles Lakers (not a fan). Turns out the "real" reason Shaq was traded all those years ago was that they found out he was plotting to murder the entire team! They found graphs and flip charts in his "war room." Everyone from the lowliest waterboy to ownership was on his hit list. So instead of charging him with planning a massacre, they just moved him across the country. Seems legit, he's an athlete, they wouldn't charge him since he's a "hero." Who knew my brain had a TMZ dream app.

Dream 2: I was married to Miles Austin. Yup. You know when I was in elementary school I was convinced I was going to marry Troy Aikman, so it's not a stretch that I'd find myself attracted to a different Cowboy. Anyway after a big win I was down on the field and getting interviewed (wives are important too!) and I was pregnant. Weird. Really weird. I was dressed really cute though, and had amazing hair. I could have been one of The Real Housewives of Dallas/Fort Worth if they ever decide to make that show. (also? have you seen that man? that baby would be GORGEOUS. Sure he might have cooties from dating Kim K. but I'm willing to forgive him for that... also to me says that he likes girls with big booties... and honey, Kim ain't got nothing on this girl)

Anyway... that was your daily dose of my crazypants dream state. Stay turned for more?