Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life Lessons Shouldn't Come from Hollywood.

I just read an article, not sure which news source because there were too many and I opened a few articles, saying that it was bad for America if Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together. Ummm no. It's NOT bad for America, its bad for Rihanna.

They went on to say that whether she likes it or not she's a role model and is setting a bad precedent for young girls/women that its okay to forgive/forget/go back to your abuser. Maybe parents/teachers/friends/counselors/other family members of young girls/women should use this opportunity to talk to them about why this behavior is dangerous and sadly normal.

It's not a celebrity's job to raise your children, and while it might take a village, the largest life lessons are taught in your own hut. Teach your daughters to be strong, independent, and that they don't need no stinking man who thinks its okay to knock them around.

Teach your SONS and DAUGHTERS that a REAL MAN would never raise his hand in anger towards a woman. That a REAL MAN handles his anger and frustration without resorting to violence. Ladies, that isn't a lesson just for the men either, violence isn't the answer. Abuse is abuse regardless of which gender is the assailant. Teach your sons that no means no NO MATTER WHAT. Teach your children that they are responsible for their actions and reactions. They are not responsible for their abuser's behavior, and while they might eventually get to a place where they can forgive someone for hurting them, they should never forget.

Don't expect Rihanna to teach that lesson to your children, it's not a lesson she's learned yet.