Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Lo's Firebreathing Anger Monster

I should preface this with the following is a response I wanted to post on a facebook status one of my "friends" posted on her page implying the administrator for the "Sluts for Obama” facebook page (who has been ill and suffering from migraines) is getting what she deserves and should "check her life." (Friends is in quotes, because she was a friend on facebook, I have since deleted her, and she was only a "friend" because of a long family history, not because we were close or I consider her to be part of my inner circle)

 Now I didn't post it to her page directly because 1. It’s not going to change anything, except possibly my "friend" count (and I'm not a friend-whore, numbers change daily) 2. It will just stir up mad drama if I post it on my page (and I really don't need that kind of attention) 3. while I'm not fond of religion myself, I think it would be rude to question a "firm believer's" faith in such a public forum, she's allowed to believe what she wants as much as I am allowed to believe what I want. Thank you Constitution. 4. I don't want anyone to think this post/response is a commentary on all Christians or the Christian faith in general, I'm just calling out the people who like to throw stones at their glass houses. As the wise Phoebe Buffet once said "Hello Pot, I'm Kettle, you're black"

Let the white hot angry rage flow. I was so unbelieveably pissed off when I was typing this that my hands were shaking and I wanted to scream. I've been needing to write for awhile now, who knew it would take pissing me off to my core to make the words flow.


Maybe so-called Christians should "check their lives" before doling out judgment that isn't theirs to give.

My first suggestion is to read the "ABOUT" section of a page before you start spewing hate about something you clearly do not understand. Who know's you may actually learn something, like how the page adminstrator isn't a woman? The page is to inspire women (and other minorities) to take control of their lives and to empower us to not take crap from people who would like to take our rights away or diminish us because they don't feel we are equal to our male counterparts. Yes there are political cartoons about the upcoming election that don't paint that pretty of a picture of Gov. Romney, but show me any Pro-Romney page that doesn't have similar posts about President Obama. Does "liking" this page make me a raging liberal? Not at all, but mess with my rights, mess with my health, and you can bet your life I'm going to fight like a bitch over her bone.

The "sluts" part is taking back that ugly term that Rush Limbaugh plastered all over Ms. Sandra Fluke because she has the audacity to take birth control pills. I'm sorry if taking responsibility for your reproductive life makes you a slut paint me with a scarlet letter and feel free to unfriend/block me. You know Rush, the guy who was stopped at customs for have massive amounts of erectile dysfunction medication that he was trying to smuggle into the states? This is the same guy who has been married and divorced multiple times... and who blames strong women for his ever shrinking penis. Yeah, that's the guy who we should all be listening to for moral decisions.

I'm not one of those people who hide behind religion and try to call myself a righteous person, because I follow some parts of a book that was written by men for men. It wasn't emailed down from Heaven by the Big Man in the Sky it was written by people who no doubt filled it with their own opinions and agenda.

That being said I don't want to upset the people who are Christians and are actual decent people. People who help the needy, people who realize that ONLY God has the authority to judge, honest people who love their families and open their arms to strangers. There are people who would never imply that someone deserves to be sick because they have a different political affiliation. There are people who live their faith without ringing hypocrisy.