Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Political Ground... A Quick Opinion Piece

Its an election year folks, and that means things are about to get ugly. Whether you live in a red or blue state or lean to the left or right, everyone seems to have an opinion of who is the better leader of our country. My focus here isn't to tell you who to vote for, your political affliations aren't my business, much like your religion or your sex life. What I am going to talk about, and maybe get a real conversation started, is about how American (and maybe the world, my scope of experience is pretty limited) Politics is completely disgusting and we need to change our process if we're ever going to make it a better country and do our part to better the world.

In my opinion a politician should put the people of his (I'm just going to use the pronoun "his" for the sake of keeping things to the point, I fully support women in politics) country before special interest groups. He should protect the Constitution above any religions, even his own. Freedom of Religion also gives his constituents a Freedom FROM Religion that should be protected just as vigoriously. When science makes break throughs that could save the lives of millions it shouldn't be discouraged because The Church finds it "icky" and "against God's plan." People say that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and they look at our Pledge of Allegiance as an example, however a quick glance at wikipedia will tell you that the section that states that we are one nation "under God" wasn't even added until 1954, when the Pledge was originally written in the 1892 and many of our founding father's didn't even believe in organized religion. George Washington wasn't a Christian by today's standards... does that mean he was a bad president?

Freedom of Speech comes at a cost. This means sometimes you have to hear things that you don't like or may not fit your "One Million Moms" mold, but if you can speak out, so can your opposition. Assholes like the West Borough Baptist Church have just as much of a right to protest on public grounds as the "Occupy Wall Street," and "Pro-Life/Choice" movements. Are any of their opinions morally, logically, ethically correct? It's your opinion against mine. It doesn't really matter, as long as they are behaving in a non-violent manner they have the right to make their voices heard. If we silence one of them, we have to silence them all.

I feel like politicians should stick to the issues at hand (health care, welfare, unemployment, national debt, on going wars in the Middle East, etc.) and tell us what their plan is to fix it, instead of telling me why their opposition is wrong. Tell me why you are the best man for the job and not why the other guy is a loser. Show me your intelligence without stooping to name calling. Prove to me that you're honest without telling me that everyone else is a lying crook. I want to be inspired, I want to pick the best possible candidate, not the lesser of two evils.