Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Rush

Wow, its hard to believe that the summer is almost over. I realize that the calendar states that we have until September 22nd, but as I'm seeing everyone's "Back to School" photos showing up in my facebook news feed and with the three day holiday (Labor Day for my non-US readers) coming up this weekend it feels like its reached it's unofficial end. We had a great affair this summer, you'll be in my heart and on my mind, I've always been a summer girl and this year has been no exception. Now its time for the monthly wrap up.

Sawdust Festival
  • Vacation Home: At the beginning of the month I made a weekend trip to Orange County to visit The Elitist and her daughter. July had ended with a lot of craziness and I needed some downtime, there was no partying that would have been inappropriate for a 2 year old, but lots of laughs, shark hot chocolate, pool time, tater tots (sonic is kind of bad ass, I'd never eaten there before), Laguna Beach Volleyball (duh), brunch with the girls, and my first visit to the Sawdust Festival.
  • Summer Lovin': Had me a blast. So I've been seeing someone all summer and we had some pretty awesome dates from movie nights at home, going to the movies, farmer's markets, dinner with friends, Cook Your Own Night at the Elks Lodge, and getting kicked out of the pool area (we were just there too late, calm down, we weren't burning the place down). Obviously there were more details, but lets just leave it at we really enjoy each other's company, and I hope to continue to do so in the future.
Check out that "fringe"
  • New Hair: The Fabulous Ms. Amy Maggipinto at the Arani Salon and Day Spa took my hair journey to new levels of greatness this month. She is a hair wizard of the best kind, I've never walked away from her chair disappointed. Book now! Her calendar fills up fast, I promise you won't regret it.
  • Legally Blonde: My mom and I like to go see live theatre whenever we can, and we are lucky enough to live in a community that has amazing productions throughout the year. This year we saw Legally Blonde: The Musical at an outdoor theatre in Solvang, CA.  The show was so great, I had just watched the movie as a refresher course a couple of nights before, and I am pleased to say they were able to stick to the heart of the film that I've loved for so long.

Mr. and Mrs.

  • The Wedding Event of the Summer: Okay, so it wasn't technically a wedding, as my friends had eloped a couple months ago, but it was their wedding reception. It was casual, beautiful, and perfect. The only thing I would have changed was I would haven included a dance floor. It was great to see one of my really good friends find his soul mate and see the obvious affection between him and his wife. All the guests were relaxed and had a great time, as far as I could tell there was no drama or stress that can usually accompany a fancy wedding affair. This convinced me that THIS IS HOW A WEDDING SHOULD BE, it was a fun party, but it was about the marriage and not a big splashy uber expensive day filled with awkwardness, uncomfortable shoes, and speeches that go on forever. They had a BBQ at her family's property in the hills of the Central Coast, everyone wore cowboy boots and jeans, kids could run wild and play in the dirt, and it really made me think that it could be my ideal wedding. Give me blue jeans and cowboy boots and I'm a happy girl.
  • You're Crashing But You're no Wave: So tragedy befell this blogger early August. The fan went out on my computer and I sent it in to get it fixed up by a friend of mine who works for Onsite Computers and Design, the repair didn't go quite as planned, but they stood by their service and made it good. They even helped me purchase a new computer since they were unable to fix the one I had sent it AND transferred all my information from the hard drive of the dead computer to the new one. Needless to say they've earned a customer for life (even though I hope I don't have a need for computer support, its nice to know who to call when disaster strikes). I guess it wasn't much of a tragedy though, I'm now the proud owner of a brand new sparkly black HP G7 laptop and its wonderful. Sometimes bad beginnings have great endings.

Wanna be Impulsive, Reckless
  • Wilson Phillips at the Chumash: I totes saw them in concert at the Chumash Resort in Santa Ynez, no big deal. No really, it wasn't that big of a deal. It was delightfully terrible to say the least. The show was so lacking in professionalism that I couldn't help but be enchanted and feel like I was hanging out with some old girlfriends, incredibly bitchy-unfiltered girlfriends (just the way I like them. If you follow me on twitter ( @SL8Rgirl ) you'd see that I live tweeted most of the show. I think the highlight of the show was when Carnie invited me and my buddy (and all the other women in the audience) to come dance on the stage with her while they performed ABBA's Dancing Queen.

  • Blast from the Past: This month I got had dinner with a friend from high school that I don't think I've seen in person in 15 years. I got to meet her 3 kids and husband  at the Olive Garden (because when you're here you're family). The kids were a little stand offish at first, which is completely understanding, I'm still a stranger to them, but by the end of dinner I had won over their youngest and got a big hug when we said goodbye. Its crazy how so much time can go by, but when you see each other you know you're still friends. I don't think I can credit it all to Facebook, although I'm sure it has played a big role in us being able to maintain our friendship, I just think when people really click it doesn't matter how much time goes by the friendship won't ever die, it just might take a nap for awhile. So just know that if you were ever someone who was important to me, and it was just time and geography that seperated us, chances are you always will be.
  • Vasodilated
  • Hot Tub Shenanigans: Okay so I like the word shenanigans more than I like participating in them, but my bestie and I had a hot tub girlie date last weekend. We ate pizza (prior to the dip) drank champagne, ate strawberries, worked on our tans, painted our nails (as we were drying off), shared stories, and caught up on each other's lives. All while watching the (unremarkable) window guy clean the windows at my parents' house. We're jerks like that. What?! I offered him a soda. Just a warning, there is a reason why all public hot tubs/Jacuzzis tell you not to drink alcoholic beverages while soaking. Your blood vessels dilate and the boozy booze goes straight to your head before you can even finish your glass. Not cool if you're in public, not so much a problem when you're hanging out with the dogs, geese, and friends at home.
Well friends, I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I enjoyed mine. See ya in the fall.