Friday, June 1, 2012

Marvelous May

It's that time of the month again... no not THAT time, but time for a little recap of all the things great and small that made me smile in the lovely month of May. In no particular order

  • Memorial Weekend in Orange County... God I love chasing the sun and oggling cute boys while I work on my tan and read books on my Kindle, seriously it was the best form of multitasking. Awesome food, better friends, and lots of laughs. Grown up slumber parties are really the best slumber parties. #gummysharksftw
  • Celebrating my Aunt Cindy's Birthday... we had a small dinner party at a restaurant we hadn't been to together before and it was great fun, laughs are always guaranteed.
  • Mother's Day Weekend... Even though I'm not a mommy, I had a great time celebrating the mommies in my family on this weekend. Family members from all over CA came to visit my mom and grandma. I hadn't hung out with some of them in years and it was great to catch up. Visited my old stomping grounds in Pismo Beach. It blows my mind how much everything has changed and still feels like home. I even had to buy myself a new Pancho's hoodie because it felt weird to not have one anymore after that place being such a big part of my life 10 years ago.
  • Super Mom to the Rescue...Last night after a particularly horrific day at work I was loading up my car to go to my parents house for dinner and laundry time. I was emotionally spent and wasn't thinking clearly, this became strikingly clear when I slammed my car door only to realize that I had just locked my keys, phone, tablet, and laptop in my car...this is something that I haven't ever done in this particular car because its really hard to do it. I go to a neighbor's house to see if I can use their phone, luckily they were home and let me, I call home and get the rescue mission underway. 20 minutes later my mom arrives with a tow truck driver not far behind her and he came and unlocked my doors. It could have been much worse of a situation, but I have to tell you the second I heard my mom's voice I almost started crying. Sometimes a girl just needs her mommy.