Monday, June 25, 2012

The "How Lauren Met David Arquette in New Orleans" Story...

The story really begins on Wednesday, June 20th 2012 on Royal St in New Orleans, Lousiana, I didn't actually meet him that night, but its always best to start a story at its beginning.

I was walking down Royal with my family and we noticed a camera crew... also noticed a crazy guy in a wheel chair having his dog "the fastest dog in the world" pull him as he shouted "GO GO GO!!" and didn't really thing much of it... thought it was probably some America's Funniest Videos type show being filmed, and continued walking... until I saw him.
  • "MOM! That's David Arquette over there talking to the girl on the balcony giving out beads!!" -Me
  • "What?" -Mom
  • "David Arquette! That's him! Over there!" -Me
  • We catch up to my dad and brother who were not interested or didn't notice the celebrity in our midst, when as I was explaining who I was excited about seeing, I started to pull my iPhone out of my purse to snap a picture... Then...
  • "Ma'am, we aren't allowing photography today, you'll have to put your phone away..." -Angry Woman in the Crew (AWC)
  • "Oh, okay... No problem... I'll put it away" -Me (stashing my phone)
  • "She can take any pictures she wants, as long as she turns the flash off and doesn't interfere with filming, its cool" -Dude in the Crew
  • "I was told we weren't allowing pictures today!!" AWC

By this point David had already walked out of my range and it was time to go to our Haunted History Tour about Vampires and I was over it. I thought it was cool that I got to see him a little bummed that I didn't get photographic evidence for facebook, but I was excited to learn about the vampires and I moved on (the tour was awesome, if you get a chance to go to NOLA I would suggest checking it back to the story).  Fast forward to Thursday night... Dinner with the family was at the amazing Jacques-Imos in the Uptown area of NOLA (check them out too, you won't be disappointed as we're sitting at the table shortly after we ordered and drinks were served my mom noticed the same camera crews from the night before. I immediately check the networks (facebook and twitter) and strike social gold on twitter when I see that he has checked in to the restaurant seconds before. I send a tweet stating that I was there too.... then about a half hour later followed up with a cute picture of a dessert reccommendation.

I didn't get any immediate response, and I was just being silly anyway, I didn't expect any kind of response... then about 10 minutes after we left the restaurant I get a tweet from the man himself saying "haha we should take a picture"

I immediately freak out my brother tells our parents that after we drop him off to meet his friend on Magazine Street that they have to take me back to see him... I tweet back "I'm turning around and coming back, you should wait for me"

About 10 minutes later we're back by the restaurant and he's sitting on a bench with a friend. I jump out of the car while its paused in the middle of the street and make my way over...

  • "Hey I'm Lauren, SL8Rgirl... we were tweeting..." -Me

  • "Hey... wow... you came back..." -David

  • "What were you tweeting about???" -Friend

  • "She was in the restaurant at the same time... and she came back..." -David

  • "So you want to take a picture?" -David

  • "Ummm yeah" -Me (fumbling with my phone)

  • "Here... I'll take the pictures" -Friend, takes phone from me and snaps a couple of pictures...

  • "So, you from around here?" -David

  • "Nope, I'm a California Girl" -Lauren

  • "Oh, cool... so thanks for coming back to take the pictures..." -David

  • "No, Thank You!" -Me... then we said goodbye and I walked away...