Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things To Be Grateful For: February Edition

I want to do something different.  At least once a month I want to stop the whining, stop the complaining, chill on the anger (granted I vent a lot more on Facebook than here), and just focus on the good stuff.  Take some time to think about what makes me smile, what makes me happy, and what makes me glad to live the life I have. That way when I get stressed out or upset when things don't go my way I can look back through this and feel my heart warm up and everything will be fine again or at least closer to fine.

I want this to mean more than just a list of cliched but true things that I'm grateful for, friends, family, health, employment, etc... although I VERY MUCH AM grateful for them, I just want to be more specific, and I also want to appreciate the little things in life that can make the difference in a person's day.

So this is what is making me happy this year so far:
  • Dance Parties! Two weeks ago I hung out with a friend from HS that I got back in touch with through Facebook, and I've been having a blast getting reacquanted.
  • New Friends! My buddy from HS introduced me (re-introduced? apparently we knew each other in HS but don't remember each other) to a new friend and I feel like I've met my long lost twin. Its weird but I feel like I've known her forever already.
  • My mom's 50th birthday. I love my mom more than anyone in the world. She's everything to me and I hope she has at least 50 more years with me.
  • Chunky Monkey Cupcakes, I sort of invented the most amazing cupcakes ever, no big deal
  • Clean Sheets: is anything more cozy and relaxing than the first night with clean sheets on the bed?
  • Brews with my bros... seriously unfiltered drinking with boys who have your back no matter what because they're family.
  • Finally reaching 500 Sephora points and scored some pretty new OPI nail polish
  • Best Friends: Dinners in the village w/ my BFF and her hubby, wine/book club parties w/ Lacey & Joaquin... its what makes things more interesting.
  • Meeting a good friend over the phone. Even though we won't meet in person until NEXT SPRING I feel like we'll be great friends for life.
  • Fabulous hair and and the extra fabulous friend who does my hair and makes me laugh at myself and all my silliness
  • Learning how to control or maybe loosen my grip a little and talk MYSELF down from anxiety attacks (at least the little ones)
  • Sleeping all the way through the night. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, its blissful
So that's the short list. There is so many other things/people/events that are great and that make me furiously happy, but I want to leave some stuff for the rest of the year too.